In Auderghem, near the E411 the new hospital CHIREC is stretching over 102.000 sqm construction area. Chirec has 6 campuses in the Brussels area and decided in 2009 to work with the design team ASSAR-INGENIUM-GREISCH. The hospital is an example of integrated design, in which the architect, engineer special techniques en the engineer stability intensively work together (MOI). The responsibility of budget control and planning lies with the design team.

Comfort and reliability (intelligent redundancy) are primordial and take precedence. This ambitious project is distinguished by the rational approach to design choices through Total Cost of Ownership, direct communication within and outside the team, and a pronounced Whole System oriented approach.

The hospital with about 600 beds also contains a consultation center, a big medical-technical platform with 28 surgery operating rooms ISO5 AND ISO7, medical imaging, cytostatic, endoscopy, 2 bunkers, intensive care and emergency service.

In addition, there will be residence rooms and consultations. The design of the technical equipment takes the logical structure of the architecture into account adapted to the functionality of the hospital. A powerhouse outside the hospital includes the central technical installations.

Energetic chosen is a BTES, thermal solar collector, co-generation, high-performance hybrid coolers so that the hospital is also a benchmark here.

Comfort and energy simulations in the context of feasibility study required in Brussels with TRNSYS for 0969.

The hospital will open its doors in 2017.

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