De Nekker: Maintenance and energy performance contract (OEPC)

In addition to the design assignment for the provincial sports and recreation centre, Ingenium was also responsible for drawing up the maintenance and energy performance contract for De Nekker in Mechelen. 

The provincial sports and recreation centre De Nekker has expanded its facilities in 2013 with a new indoor swimming pool and is planning the renovation and expansion of the sports hall. With this extension, the Province of Antwerp wants to meet the need for infrastructure. The demand for a location for school swimming in the Mechelen region came mainly from the schools. In addition to the new swimming pool, the existing catering facilities and the indoor playground were expanded and adapted at the same time. Ingenium was responsible for the studies of all the technical installations. Important aspects here are ventilation and water treatment.

An important challenge here is to reduce energy consumption and water consumption. Various saving applications have been integrated in the design: heat pumps on the extraction air of the swimming pool, heat pumps on the waste water of swimming pools and showers, energy roof, and far-reaching reduction of the replenishment water by applying best available techniques (BAT).

Ingenium also carried out the EPB reporting and the feasibility study alternative energy.

In addition to the design assignment, Ingenium was also responsible for drawing up the maintenance file for the De Nekker sports centre in Mechelen.  The maintenance file specifically includes the maintenance of the HVAC and water treatment installation of the existing sports hall and the extension with the sports hall during the guarantee period of the new installations. Ingenium also monitors the maintenance delivered.

The swimming pool and sports hall offer additional potential savings, on the one hand through additional energy-saving investments (which have been postponed) and on the other hand through active energy management.

Ingenium, together with Rebelgroup, Field Fisher Waterhouse and Freemind, is supervising the drafting of a maintenance and energy performance contract for the swimming pool and sports hall.  In a preliminary study, the possibility of energy supply and exchange between existing or new buildings on the De Nekker site or in the vicinity (e.g. Nekkerhallen, Utopia, skating rink...) was investigated.