A.Z. Sint-Lucas & Volkskliniek

Ever since 1994, Ingenium has been active as designer of technical equipment in the Ghent AZ St. Lucas Hospital.

In anticipation of the 1996 merger between the Holy Family Hospital and the St Vincent Hospital, a number of optimization activities have been started. First of all the realization of a central workshop and the mortuary were initiated in accordance with the Flemish Environmental Legislation (VLAREM), soon followed by the renovation of the surgery consultation facilities.

In the first stage of the masterplan, a new central walkway was established, the central reception was renovated and the necessary preparations for the integration of the kitchen were performed. Ingenium established a Master Plan for the technical equipment, in which particular attention was paid to linking all low-voltage installations of both hospitals to promote optimum integration. In addition, the high-voltage cabins and the low-voltage panel were renewed and high-voltage metering was optimized for the merger. 
Meanwhile, INGENIUM also collaborated in the renovation of the SPE substation, the technical equipment study for the integration of an NMR and the radiology facilities, as well as an interventional Rontgen and CAT room. The emergency room was renewed in 2003. Ingenium developed the study of the technical equipment (including medical equipment). The new departments and systems of masterplan Project 2 were put in service in 2005-2006. This stage concerned the construction of the new blocks I, J, H and F. These buildings comprise an entrance area with reception and admission facilities, a cafeteria, a restaurant, an intensive care unit, a very large kidney dialysis, a necrology and endocrinology unit, eight operating rooms, a paediatrics consultation, various offices, a pharmacy, a recovery room, the paediatrics, the treatment units and technical spaces. INGENIUM defined the hospital’s needs regarding the technical, as well as the medical equipment. In each case INGENIUM was charged with monitoring these activities at the construction site.

At present, Project 3 (sterilization and neurosurgery) and Project 5 (radiotherapy) are in progress and Projects 6 and 8 are in design.