Office building Savaco

The ICT company Savaco built a new office with an energy-efficient datacentre in order to accomodate its growing services.

Savaco wanted to be leader in sustainability. They reached a K-level of 18 and a E-level of 32.

Ingenium designed the technical installations and delivered, by EPB-reporting, also support in taking sustainable measurements (isolation, airtightness..). Sustainability was the main goal, which they obtained by the realization of basic refrigeration and heating by concrete core activation, with guarantee of an optimal comfort .They also provided an air-to-water heating pump with high return for the preheating of the CV water.

The cooling of the datacentre is done by cooling water with a high regime,  which increases the efficiency of the coolingmachine. Absence detection and daylight-based control look afther the energy consumption of the lighting.