Tweewaters - de Balk van Beel

The urban planner "Ertzberg" builds in the period of 2010-2020 a large suburb of 11 hectare with 1200 new house in Leuven. The suburb" Tweewaters" is an example of urbanism, architecture and sustainability.

Erzberg works together with the architects Stéphane Beel and Xaveer De Geyter for this project. The suburb will contain a wide range of accommodations: as well as theatre apartments as care homes.

Sustainability is really important in this project. "Tweewaters" want to profile themselves as a district of the twenty-first century. The buildings will be realized with a high level of insulation and high air-tightness. The suburb will provide green electricity and heating and will supply energy to the existing neighborhood through cogeneration on the basis of biofuels.

De first phase of the project started in May 2009 with the “Balk van Beel”. This building with a height of 180 meters exists of 4 floors. Downstairs you can find community-supported services and shops: caterer, day-nursery, grocery store. The upper accommodations receive a closet for home delivery with cooler and they will be connected to the common network along which they can order several services (doctor, home delivery…).

For this project Ingenium functions as energy adivsor and gives advices concerning the implementation for the concept of the energy facilities. Ingenium is the technical engineering office that provides the different techniques for the first building project “Balk van Beel”. This building is the first residential project on the European mainland which receives the highest BREEAM score: 87,8%, which is a BREEAM outstanding score

Achieved E-level: E60.

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