General Hospital Sint-Jozef, Malle - emergency ward

For the A.Z. Sint-Jozef hospital at Malle, Ingenium has monitored the renewal and extension of the emergency ward.

A study and design was performed in de 1998-2001 period for the Bethanië Psychiatric Centre and the A.Z. Sint-Jozef Hospital at Malle, concerning renovation of the central kitchen, extension and refurbishing of the cafeteria, extension of the dishwashing area according to HACCP directives and an additional chiller. These activities were performed between June 2003 and September 2004. The investments for this part came to about 923,000 EURO, VAT not included.

Presently, newly built care units with connecting corridor to the existing building are being designed for Master Plan project 1, for which INGENIUM is studying the technical equipment requirements. In this project, special attention will be paid to durable construction, with focus on energy saving measures. For instance, earth-air heat exchangers are planned that will realize top cooling without mechanical cooling for the first stage of the Master Plan. This buried pipe system is already in place. A total of some 1,900 m of pipes with a diameter of 600 mm were placed at a depth of ± four meters around the building to preheat or cool ± 60,000 m³ of air per hour.

The concept takes account of the next stages that will include the surgery centre, intensive care unit, pharmacy, etc. (technical block). and, ultimately, renovation of the wings that are to be kept. The underground car park will be fitted with displacement ventilation in combination with sprinklers.