Shore power installation DFDS Seaways Ghent

DFDS Seaways realizes onshore power supply facilities on its flower-class ships and on the terminals in Ghent, Immingham and Goteborg. Ingenium acts as technical coordinator for the implementation of onshore power supply on the terminal at the Mercator dock in the port of Ghent. Volvo Logistics and the port of Ghent participate in this project.

Thanks to the connection on onshore power supply the seagoing vessels that are moored do not have to keep their engines turn to provide electricity. Onshore power supply makes the use of a diesel generator redundant. Consequently it is also a way to reduce the impact of seagoing vessels on the environment: better air quality by less damaging emissions, more efficient use of energy and limitation of noise nuisance caused by engines.

This onshore power supply is provided on the Multimodal Terminal at the Mercator dock, exploited by the Danish shipping company DFDS Seaways. The Ghent Port Company provides all the facilities to bring electricity to the quay. The ro/ro ships sailing from Göteborg to Ghent are adapted by DFDS to enable them connecting to onshore power supply. On the terminal as well some adaptation works have to be done. Ingenium acts as technical coordinator for the realization of onshore power supply on the terminal in Ghent.

Simultaneously with Ghent DFDS is also starting up an onshore power supply project in the ports of the Swedish Göteborg, the British Immingham and on the three cargo ships sailing between these two ports.

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