Utilities Visserijkade, Zeebrugge

Ingenium studies and designs the replacement of the electrical cabinets that are used by the company “NV Visveiling” to supply the fishing boats with electricity while they are moored at the port of Zeebruges. With this renewal, the applying standards are taken into account and a cash free payment system is implemented for the use of power and water.

By order of the City of Bruges the utilities on the Fishery quay in Zeebruges are being renewed. This involves 10 electrical cabinets with two connections each and 10 points for drawing water, that are used by the fishing boats that moor at the Fishery quay. The user is the company “NV Visveiling”.

The existing electrical cabinets are not equipped with a registration of electrical power or of water consumption, nor with a registration of the user. The aim is to switch to a system of cash free payment where only registered users are allowed to tap electricity or water. 
In order to realise this, an intelligent operating and control system will be implemented, that allows to activate each point of supply individually on demand of a user.

Furthermore, the water conducts that have been damaged by frost will be replaced by a frost proof system and all supply points will be equipped with new electrical cables.

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