Wilrijk: Police Office, Academy and Library

The Wilrijk Local Police receives a new police station in the centre of Wilrijk. Ingenium takes care of the design of the technical systems and is charged with Energy Performance (EPB) reporting.

An academy of arts and a library were also developed by the same design team at the same site. The architectural design is the work of the Austrian Architects Office Baumschlager und Eberle, in collaboration with the Wilrijk office Vanhecke en Suls. Ingenium is taking care of the design of the technical systems. 
For the Police Station, this resulted in a ‘high-tech’ building. Indeed, for this building, besides 'standard' office equipment, account had also to be taken of additional requirements, such as protection and camera surveillance. Additionally, comfort cooling is performed by means of earth-air heat exchangers and thus without additional power and energy consumption. 
Energy saving systems were also designed for the academy and library. The academy satisfies the maximum E-level of 70, as imposed for school buildings. 
Ingenium is also charged with Energy Performance (EPB) reporting for this global project.