Heilig Hartziekenhuis Roeselare

From the very start of its existence, Ingenium has been involved in construction, extension and renovation projects, for which it performs the design and monitors the execution of the technical equipment.

The technical equipment consisted of HVAC, sanitary facilities, low-voltage and high-voltage circuitry, lifts, kitchen equipment, sewer system, fire protection and medical equipment. The following is a non-exhaustive list of projects that were realized over the years: 

Beds wing H / radiology unit / surgery centre and associated rooms (10 operating rooms), with a room especially fitted for heart surgery / NMR and CT-scan / kitchen, dishwashing area and cafeteria / pharmacy/ outpatient facilities.

Recently, the entire radiology unit was fitted with new ventilation and an air conditioning system. Separation of the sewer system into wastewater and precipitation water was completely elaborated in a study for both the Wilgenstraat campus and the Westlaan campus. Today, the study for extension and remodelling of the cafeteria and dishwashing area in accordance with the HACC regulations is finalized and is being implemented. This includes extension of the ice water production facilities, with sufficient capacity for future expansion. Renovation of the intensive care unit is another projects yet to be handled by Ingenium.