Flemish Parliament - investmentplan

The Flemish Parliament asked Ingenium to prepare an investment plan. Ingenium suggested a structured investment plan based on the Dutch standard NEN 2767.

Ingenium provides support in the context of the long-range maintenance plan for the technical equipment of the Flemish Parliament and the House of the Flemish Representatives.

The long-range maintenance plan is based on the Dutch standard NEN 2767 (condition measurement of construction and installation parts). This standard allows to work objectively and unambiguously.

Ingenium evaluates the installations based on defects, condition and age. Each part of the installations has been given a score in relationship to its condition. This score provides, along with the importance of the installation part, the proposed timing for replacement.

A timeline of the expected investments has been drawn. For the investments within a 5 year period, a first budget estimate was made. The investment survey is completed by the economically attractive investments of our energy study for both buildings.