Renovation of the Conscience Building

The Conscience Building in Brussels is owned by AXA Belgium nv and leased by the Flemish government. Commissioned by AXA Belgium nv, the building will be renovated and made suitable for the principles of 'The New World of Work', with the following main characteristics:

  • An open and accessible building with informal and formal meeting places.
  • An adapted catering concept.
  • New communication networks.
  • Sufficient meeting facilities.
  • Energy-efficient technical installations geared to comfort and occupancy.

In this renovation project, Ingenium designs and studies the necessary adaptations and renovations to the existing technical systems (heating, ventilation, cooling, sanitary facilities, electricity strong and weak current) to guarantee optimal comfort to the users after implementation, with energy efficient systems that can handle the higher occupancy rate.
The project will be implemented in phases, with the rest of the building remaining in use during each phase. The first phase will be the installation of a new computer room in the building, so that during the next renovation project it will be possible to switch from the existing to the new computer room in phases.

The renovation project is subject to a Breeam certification with an ambition of an 'excellent' score. The necessary measures for this are of course included by Ingenium in the design of the technical systems, and in addition we also perform daylight and comfort simulations. At delivery and after commissioning, Ingenium will finally apply a Commissioning process to the renewed technical systems.