BOZAR - The southern exhibition circuit

The southern BOZAR exhibition circuit was dismantled and fitted with new electrical circuitry and HVAC systems. Special attention was paid to preserve the acoustic quality of the adjacent 'Henry Le Boeuf -hall'.


After the North exhibition circuit, the Southern exhibition circuit is also renovated. This section is located at level 1, around the dome of the 'Henri Leboeuf-zaal', where the annual Queen Elisabeth Contest takes place. Like the northern circuit, the rooms are provided with a fully automated air conditioning system with permanent control of temperature and relative humidity. A particular challenge in this was the integration of the air handling units in the architecture, while maintaining the character of the roof structure and especially the acoustic requirements of the 'Henri Leboeuf-zaal', said to be one of the best in the world. The rooms have electrical systems and the necessary protections against fire and theft. This challenge was brilliantly met. Masterpieces, by for example El Greco, have already been shown in this exhibition circuit.