Conscience building Brussels: optimization audit

Axa Real Estate decided to contact Ingenium for a study in order to make the Conscience building ready for the “new way of working” and a more sustainable future. Following the interim results of this study, Ingenium got the assignment to investigate a far-reaching renovation of the building.
A redesigning of the outside of the building and its technical installations makes a passive concept possible.

Ingenium investigated the Conscience building, by order of Axa Real Estates, on two levels. On the one hand Ingenium verified the compatibility of the building with the “new way of working” of the tenant, the Flemish Government. On the other hand, it was asked to make the building as cost-efficient and sustainable as possible.

Ingenium checked in this context the condition and control of the technical installations, the energy performance of the building, and the flexibility of the technical installations. From a long list of possible improvements, Ingenium suggested a short list of the most appropriate adjustments.

Starting from the conclusions and proposals of Ingenium, and in order to compete with an ever greener rental market, Axa Real Estate requested  Ingenium to continue its investigation into the possibilities of the building.

The study resulted in a passive concept containing far-reaching measures on the architectonic and technical level. These will no doubt facilitate a flexible office lay-out.
Ingenium will take care of the study of the technical installations and do the follow-up of the works on site.