KBC Buildings Grote Markt, Brussels

The KBC establishment at the “Grand-Place” in Brussels extends over three premises, housing private banking, meeting rooms and administration in a historic six-floor building.

From an architectural point of view, the building complex is revalorized. A clear physical division is being made between the private banking part and the other functions. In the new configuration, an auditorium that can host 60 persons with the necessary infrastructure for simultaneous translation is being created at ground floor level. 
Ingenium’s task consists on the one hand of a feasibility study of the existing technical installation, taking account of the intended structural renovation and restoration of the building complex. On the other hand, Ingenium has been charged with the design of the complete technical equipment in accordance with the requirements of the client and in consultation with the architect, the interior decorator and the future users. In particular, the layout of the auditorium with its simultaneous translation facilities and the extensively renovated kitchen amenities, tailored to the user, are catching the eye.