Lotus Bakeries, Lembeke

New production hall

In November 2017, the techniques of the new third production hall were provisionally delivered. Here, as for P1 and P2, INDUSTRIUM took charge of the design and follow-up of the special techniques, with mainly utilities, HVAC, plumbing, electricity and sprinkler as techniques.

This third production hall covers approximately 7,500 m² and is equipped in terms of techniques for different production lines for the preparation, baking and packaging of caramelized biscuits. In 2017, one line for caramelized biscuits was started and a second line was added in the summer of 2018. This was necessary to be able to efficiently meet the increasing demand for caramelized biscuits.

In 2019, a start was made on adapting the business offices, which will be completed during 2020.

Energy Study

Prior to the design of the techniques, also by INDUSTRIUM, the energy study was made, which is necessary to obtain the environmental permit. In an energy study, it must be demonstrated that the facility to be put into operation is the most energy-efficient facility economically feasible, i.e. that the Best Available Techniques (BAT) are used. Furthermore, the operator must demonstrate in the energy study that more energy-efficient installations available on the market or measures that can be taken additionally to increase the energy efficiency of the facility have an after-tax IRR of less than 15%.

Special attention has been paid here to a major consumer, namely industrial refrigeration plants. Taking into account the increased need of P1 and the actual need of P2, the additional cooling installation for P3 has been designed to achieve the highest possible EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).

In the meantime, INDUSTRIUM has also started with the design of the techniques for the front offices at the Gentstraat in Lembeke. The offices currently housing the sales, marketing and IT of Lotus Bakeries will be completely renovated by approximately the second quarter of 2019.

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