Flux50 - ROLECS

The ROLECS project is a FLUX50 VLAIO-subsidised research project that delivers the documents required to help the energy landscape advance in line with the position of the European Commission: more sustainable and active participation by the final consumer. The concept of this project is Local Energy Communities (LEC).

25 companies and 5 expert partners will offer responses to relevant challenges, including:

  • How can potential participants in a LEC be activated to really join as members and become active contributors?
  • How can the social aspects be integrated in the technical energy models and success of a LEC?
  • How can advanced control algorithms be developed that anticipate the human aspect?
  • What is the impact of a large-scale rollout of LECs on the energy system as a whole, the emissions and further investments in a more sustainable and reliable back-up infrastructure?

In order to really contribute and play a leading role in the research into LECs in Europe, 10 complimentary test locations have been selected to play the role of Living Labs and provide test cases and data to guarantee the relevance of ROLECS.

The intense preparation and collaboration have heightened the need for a more intensive exchange of approaches, ideas and state-of-the-art solutions within Flemish companies and research institutes. The close interaction at every level is the first important step towards that more intensive exchange.

Thanks to this project, the 30 partners have a common interest: turning LECs into a relevant part of our energy system, enabling more local, renewable energy and offering commercial opportunities without increasing the social costs of public infrastructure.

Ingenium, UGent and Fieldfisher are project partners of the ROLECS project.