Energy performance contract Province of East Flanders

The provincial government of East Flanders wishes to play an exemplary role in reducing energy consumption and the operating costs of its building heritage as much as possible.

The main objective is to optimise energy performance while maintaining comfort and correspondingly reducing primary energy consumption by means of an energy performance contract (EPC). In addition to the energy performance, good maintenance is an important condition for the sustainability of a building. An ESCO (Energy Service Company) is required to realise energy performance and maintenance.

In addition to technical measures and maintenance, the Province wishes to include building envelope measures in an energy performance contract. More specifically, this involves replacing single and (old) double glazing and outdated window profiles, insulating roofs, post-insulating walls, etc. For many of the buildings in the patrimony, many optimisations are still possible in order to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Ingenium took on the role of EPC facilitator and supervised the Province of East Flanders in the study, the condition state measurement, the drawing up of the specifications, the drawing up of the measurement and verification plan (M&V plan in accordance with IPMVP), the conclusion of the agreement with the ESCO (Energy Service Company) and the follow-up of the energy savings realised during the contract phase.