Fluvius - Immerzeel Aalst - Feasibility study

Aalst has the ambition to have a heat network within the urban residential area of ​​Immerzeel to which the new developments within the project area must connect. They wish to turn the urban renewal project into a first plus energy district. The intention is to leave options open to work towards smart control of the grid and to indicate which solutions are suitable for this.

The feasibility study had to clarify the technical, economic and legal feasibility of this; the preconditions that the parties involved must meet and the action plan (in outline) for further implementation.

Using a proprietary simulation model, various scenarios were calculated energetically and financially: a heat network at 60 ° C, a heat network at 40 ° C, a source network at neutral temperature; each with a diverse set of heat sources (including ground / water heat pumps, air / water heat pumps, gas boiler if necessary).

Gasless combinations were sought as far as possible. Based on a number of selected scenarios, a business model was subsequently drawn up for the various parties involved.


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