Extensa - RIVA

This project concerns a new apartment building with 139 residential units in Brussels between Willebroekkaai and Akenkaai, opposite Tour en Taxis on the other side of the canal.


It includes a communal underground car park of 1 level on which 3 residential buildings F1, F2 and F3 will be built. F1 comprises 54 flats, 2 casco catering outlets and 1 casco commercial space; F2 comprises 23 flats 1 commercial space; F3 comprises 63 flats and 3 casco offices. A special feature of this project is that between the F1 and F2 blocks on the one hand and F3 on the other, a new bridge for pedestrians and buses will be built to create a better connection between the North Station and Tour en Taxis.
The flats are compliant with the Brussels Passive House requirements of 2015. In addition to thorough insulation and air tightness, each flat is equipped with an individual residential ventilation air group with high-efficiency heat recovery. The air ducts are of the cast-in-place type. For heating, there is a central boiler room with condensing gas boilers supported by 3 building-related solar water heating systems. Each flat has approximately 1.5m² of absorber surface area. The central heating water is distributed by a 2-pipe combilus through the common parts and at the level of the flat, a floor station takes care of the production of domestic hot water and the settlement of the central heating and domestic hot water consumption.