Frontex advice building engineering

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex situated in Warsaw is housed in a building which no longer satisfies the needs of the staff in terms of space, comfort and their mission.  Ingenium Belgium was appointed together with eld Poland to define the spatial, functional and technical requirements on architecture and technical installations for the new Near Zero Energy Building in Warsaw accommodating 2.000 persons


Ingenium and eld Poland assisted in filing wiht the Polish authorities of application for public purpose investment, integrated the new way of working workplace concept into the spatial design and performed an environmental assessment to determine the optimal energy performance criteria for the new building.  The Green Public Procurement criteria and European Level(s) framework were used to define the sustainability criteria of the building.  The EU Taxonomy principles of carbon neutrality by 2050 were also considered.
The new building will accommodate 2000 persons and is not a standard office building.  It contains are Special Purpose Areas, including a highly secured 24/7 control room monitoring the borders of Europe and processig information flows.  The building also hosts a highly redundant Data Centre, meeting the requirements of European Union classified networks (EUCI) up to the level Confidential.  Other functionalities include a conference centre, training centre, audiovisual studio and a temporary weapon storage.
Buisiness continuity will be applied to the critical areas and infrastructure in order for the critical services to keep functioning.  Besides integration of sustainability in the architectural concept of the building, the site and building will be developed with a philosophy of 'security by design' for external threats.