Feasibility studies & audits

All too often, familiar solutions are resorted to in construction projects. Nevertheless, opting for a sustainable alternative over the entire life cycle of a building can often result in major benefits. Due to the great diversity of possible systems, a feasibility study with various calculated scenarios - standard at Ingenium - both for new construction and renovation makes the choice a lot easier.

It is examined whether a proposed solution can be realised on a technical level within the given preconditions. For example, are the technical rooms large enough for the planned installation? And what about the presence and capacity of the utilities in an existing building?

At least as important is the financial feasibility of each scenario. This is always considered over the entire life span of a building in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. Whereas traditional feasibility studies only consider the energy cost, we analyse various costs and benefits, such as the initial investment cost, the consumption costs and the annual maintenance cost, along with the associated personnel costs. Possible revenues are also taken into account: revenues from green certificates or possible profits from the sale of the surplus of energy generated by the company itself. What is the effect of subsidies, taxes or VAT on the overall picture and can local residents or other stakeholders possibly participate in the energy project? In the various scenarios, the payback period and the internal profitability (investment versus energy saving) are always mapped out in a transparent manner.

In terms of sustainability, for each scenario the energy consumption is calculated over the entire life span of the installation, as are the CO2 emissions. The environmental cost (and the financial cost) of removing and processing the installation at the end of its life is also a parameter.