TTAS theaterbouw was founded in 1997 and has been a fixture in the cultural world ever since. As an independent engineering firm, they are specialists in the design and construction of venue buildings through detailed studies. Since July 2019, TTAS theaterbouw has continued its activities under the aegis of Ingenium. Together we go for nothing less than excellence.

TTAS theaterbouw has always been about building beautiful halls. The art of creating a space for the performing arts is central, by bridging the gap between the world of artists and that of building.

The essence of theaterbouw is to provide a suitable space for performances and concerts, a room that brings people together to enjoy a cultural experience together. The correct application of technical theatre installations alone is not enough to (re)build a good hall. All the other functions of the building contribute significantly to the proper functioning of the theatre for visitors, artists and technicians.

The design, planning and construction of complex buildings who are appropriate for performing arts such as dance, music and theatre requires a great deal of expertise. TTAS theaterbouw can offer a clear added value to the design team. Experiences from the industry and theatre are brought together in solutions for cultural facilities which have already proven their worth in practical use. Critically examining the wishes of the users on the basis of our practical knowledge can help to avoid shortcomings that will be difficult to repair later on. For example, overestimating or underestimating the capacity of a hall will continue to determine the building throughout its lifetime.

We also provide clients with expertise on the architecture of the hall and its surroundings. What is the best way to build a culture hall? What are ideal sightlines, stage widths and stage openings? And what dimensions should the aisles and seats have in order to combine maximum room capacity with maximum comfort for the culture lover? In addition, how do we get a performance smoothly from the truck to the stage, in a way that is pleasant both for the technicians of the house and for external technicians?

In both new construction and renovation projects, we work together with the design team of architects and engineers, in close consultation with clients and users. From the first sketches and discussions to the occupation of the building, and always with great attention to timing and budget. The result is public buildings that function optimally thanks to a good integration of the techniques in the architectural design.