Smart city & smart energy grids

In the smart city, buildings are no longer self-contained units. Interaction and complementarity between buildings and sites increase energy efficiency and sustainability. Does this sound like a long way off? Ingenium has been building up expertise on collective energy networks (heat networks and smart grids) for many years.

Every residential or business unit with its own boiler and one-sided connection to the public electricity grid is not the model of a sustainable future. By clustering energy needs and making smarter use of central energy sources, we are making our living environment greener in an economically and socially responsible manner.

For example, entire buildings, sites or urban districts can be supplied with heat via a heat network with a central energy source. Smart grids use the solar, thermal or wind energy generated by the building or site to control a smart electricity grid. Our expertise in district and city grids helps you choose and design the most efficient supply, optimise your central energy source and sustainably reduce your management costs.