Sustainability & Certifications

More and more clients not only want to realise their sustainable construction project, but also have it certified. Ingenium has in-house experts for all current sustainability labels - such as BREEAM and WELL.

From the start of a project, we sit down with the construction team. The various parameters or credits of the chosen sustainability meter are weighed up according to the client’s wishes and expectations. As the project progresses, we follow it up (studies, correct site execution, documentation of the measures). At the end of the process, a report is drawn up after which the certificate is issued.

With some 70 parameters or credits in 10 categories, BREEAM focuses mainly on the sustainability of buildings. Obvious topics, such as energy, waste, water use and mobility, are supplemented by, among other things, sustainable management practices and the use of sustainable materials. Ingenium employs not only BREEAM assessors - who assist clients from start to finish in obtaining a BREEAM label - but also a BREEAM AP (accredited professional), who monitors and evaluates assessors.

WELL is a recent label of the International WELL Building Institute which, with 7 core themes, focuses mainly on the health, comfort and well-being of the users of a building. Ingenium also has an in-house accredited assessor for WELL.

Other sustainability indicators that we use are GRO - a new label for the valuation of office buildings - and TOTEM. The latter is a new tool from the Flemish government to compare the environmental impact of different building systems. In this way, we cannot only correctly estimate the direct but also the indirect environmental cost. This fits in perfectly with the life cycle analysis (TCO), which, for Ingenium, is a matter of course for every construction project.

Ingenium also makes its experience and expertise available to authorities and builders who want to create their own sustainability meter. This can be used as an extra evaluation tool during tenders or competitions.