Risk analyses

Technology is evolving rapidly. What is the solution for the future today may be outdated the day after tomorrow. The Ingenium Risk Analysis team uses sensitivity analysis to map out the future risks of an energy project and proposes flexible solutions that are future-proof.

This flexibility can cover various aspects. For example, the fuel used - and the cost price evolution, availability, government support - is a crucial factor in the TCO for a particular energy solution. For example, heating a building solely on biogas carries a risk if the price of gas were to rise sharply in the future. However, heating networks are future-proof. While they usually use the recovery heat from waste plants today, in the future, they may also be fed by another heat source.

Another parameter is the possibility of renovating, repairing or expanding the installation in the future. Especially in large and complex projects, such as hospitals or buildings that are delivered as hulls, it is important to take account of functional changes and evolutions in the building volume during the initial design of the technical installations.

The concepts and scenarios proposed by Ingenium always take possible risks and evolutions into account. Calculating fluctuations in the price of raw materials or maintenance and scenarios for the evolution of the buildings from the start makes a project future-proof.