Theatre building

Culture is artistic oxygen for the mind, heart and soul. Planning, designing and constructing complex buildings for dance, music and theatre demand considerable expertise. The creation of spaces where the performing arts can find full expression and offer audiences both at home and abroad an unforgettable experience is central to the work of TTAS Theaterbouw.

Our independent consultancy was founded in 1997, and over the years we have built up a solid reputation with successful projects in Belgium (such as De Singel in Antwerp, C-Mine in Genk, CC Muze in Heusden-Zolder and CC De Factorij in Zaventem) and abroad (Alvéoles in Saint-Nazaire, France, and the Turbina Cultural Cluster and the restoration of the National Opera, both in Tirana, Albania). Since 2019 TTAS Theaterbouw has operated under the Ingenium banner.

Our combination of two distinct areas of expertise makes TTAS Theaterbouw unique. On the one hand, we advise architects on the design of the venue and its environment. What is the optimal spatial design for a cultural venue? What will be the ideal lines of sight, stage dimensions and aisle widths? And how can we ensure that the internal and external technical staff can easily erect and strike sets, and perform their tasks in optimal circumstances? On the other hand, we provide expert advice on technical theatrical installations of all kinds: sound, lighting, projections, fly systems (manual and computerised), gantries, tribunes (telescopic and fixed) and stage flooring. Robustness, reliability, flexibility and flawless, silent operation are the watchwords, with the creation of an ideal setting for delivering great artistic performances and fun to the audience as the end goal.

We are of course able to advise separately on these two areas of expertise (spatial scenography and theatre technology), however their complementarity guarantees the design of an optimally functioning public building as a result of the optimal integration of the technology in the architectural design.