Energy monitoring & optimisation

Today, monitoring energy is a must for bulk consumers. A lot of data are collected, but how do you, as a building owner, continue to work on this?

Many organisations with an extensive building heritage keep track of their energy consumption. Analysing and interpreting these collected data in an integrated way offers a number of new possibilities. Technical installations can be fine-tuned in order to increase comfort and save costs.

Efficient (energy) monitoring provides a transparent and useful answer to various questions. In addition to mapping the total consumption, bulk consumers, critical consumers and unnecessary leakage consumption can also be detected. The reliability of the installations can also be checked. The reserve capacity at the existing energy connections and the possibilities for integrating renewable energy are mapped out. Installations can be adjusted so that users and employees can enjoy optimal indoor comfort on a daily basis. 

And at least as important: does the measured consumption correspond to what is charged on the energy bill? Does the building perform as originally designed and planned? And how does the energy consumption score compare to similar buildings?

With 50 years of experience in energy technology in buildings, Ingenium provides tailor-made advice for the best solution. We do this both in the preliminary phase of a new building or renovation project, and for buildings in operation. Ingenium has extensive know-how to draw the right conclusions from various energy data to ensure that adjustments and investments really pay off.

Ingenium uses the Energis monitoring software to visualise and clearly interpret energy data. A tool that we helped to develop.  However, we can also work with other existing platforms in buildings.

Research also shows that bulk consumers can save 5% energy without major interventions. This quickly pays for the investment in efficient energy monitoring.