Commissioning provides quality assurance of the entire construction process. From a balanced programme of requirements at the start of the project to installations that appear to meet all expectations when the building is put into use: everything is verified and thoroughly tested. At Ingenium, it is a matter of course to apply this way of working in every design file.

If the aviation industry launches a new aircraft, this is extensively tested before it takes to the air at the maiden trip. Nobody would think of stepping into an aircraft that has only had a superficial visual inspection, and which is being ‘fine-tuned’ during the first hours of flight. Large and complex buildings often cost as much, or more, than an aircraft. Nevertheless, the technical installations are often not at all ready at the time of delivery.

Thanks to systematic commissioning throughout the construction process, Ingenium avoids loss of time, money and comfort when the building is already in use. At the start of the project, the schedule of requirements is thoroughly examined, and logged in great detail. During the design and implementation phase, this programme serves as a guideline to guarantee quality. When the installation is ready, not only are visual checks carried out, but the operation is also thoroughly tested. All these steps are carefully documented in the as-built file, so that the client knows when the building is put into use that it is also actually ready for use and will deliver the expected comfort.