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Keeping living and caring affordable and flexibly attuned to the needs of today and tomorrow remains a constant balancing act. With sustainable and innovative solutions - such as care home automation - we aim for optimal comfort for the resident and cost efficiency for the manager.

Residential care centres, assisted-living accommodation, facilities for psychiatry and youth care, prisons and other collective forms of living and care are built to provide functional and comfortable accommodation for people for many decades. By definition, the size of the buildings makes them large consumers of energy. That is why sustainable and energy-efficient building techniques always provide added value.

However, due to the long life cycle of residential and care buildings, clients are often less familiar with the latest technology to make that difference. Our years of experience ensure that we can easily tune into the environment of your target group, quickly come to a suitable concept and advise you objectively when making critical choices.

Ingenium is also the ideal knowledge partner during the complete life cycle of your care building or care site, from the first brainstorm of ideas, the concrete design with follow-up of the execution, right through to support during commissioning and maintenance in the operational phase. Our specialised knowledge and expertise relieves you of the burden of managing your complex installations.