Smart office building

‘Smart buildings' are becoming increasingly popular. Since the term is often interpreted in very different ways, Ingenium documents exactly what a 'smart and sustainable work and living environment' is. In addition to the now obvious energy efficiency, the focus is also on the user’s well-being.

This new aspect also requires a different approach during the design of the building and in the techniques. We use the principles of WELL as a benchmark to guarantee the user’s well-being. What is crucial is that they can intervene themselves in, for example, the ambient temperature, ventilation, sun blinds or light intensity. In this way, they have control over increasing the quality, health and comfort of their working or living environments.

Thanks to the maximum use of renewable energy, the techniques used are not only sustainable and energy-efficient, resulting in low maintenance costs. Smart buildings typically integrate techniques. Various measuring sensors and controls are linked to the building’s digital management system, which, in turn, exchanges data with the smart city. This makes the building intelligent, adaptive and flexible.

A well-designed smart building or office fully meets the wishes of the user and the client. Ingenium also optimises the building during its entire life cycle and gives you - with audits and model specifications, among other things - control for efficient and economic management. This allows you to maximise the return on your investments.