Real estate

Ingenium's expertise in a wide range of projects is also a key asset for medium-sized and large new-build and renovation projects. For example, we help to achieve ambitious climate objectives in co-creation, while raising the project’s quality and efficiency to a higher level.

Both public and private project developers benefit from the fast, but high-quality, completion of their projects. Ingenium is not only familiar with the design, implementation and management of the special techniques of various types of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods; we also keep our finger permanently on the pulse of the latest legislation and regulations.

In tandem with the client and the architect, we develop a strong vision that injects quality into the whole rather than the sum of its parts. Solid climate ambitions are linked to cost efficiency, optimal functionality of the site and a high level of user comfort. The construction process is streamlined, from preliminary research to delivery. This makes it possible to realise the project in a short period of time.