Our extraordinary fellow workers

By being permanently curious and open to change, we are a team that is out of the ordinary.

Nancy Maes - Project Engineer

“I’ve been working at Ingenium since March 2021, after a first job of about 12 years at an installation company. As I was looking for something different, a project sourcing agency suggested a job at Ingenium. I looked on the company website to see what projects they were doing and what they stood for. What particularly appealed to me was the way sustainability is in the DNA here. That’s something very close to my heart. I also did the CompanyMatch, which showed that what I find important in a job matched more than 90 percent with Ingenium. I started in a position running from March to the summer, but a year later it’s still busy here and I’m working here permanently.” (laughs)

“As an electricity project manager, I work out the high voltage – and in smaller projects also the low voltage – aspects of a project from A to Z. Sometimes I help a colleague with the design of PV installations, and I’ve also worked on high-voltage cabins. A project starts with the customer who wants a new building or to modify or expand an existing one. Then we enter into a dialogue and we work out a complete plan. Based on this, the customer can send out a call for tenders to contractors. We then compare the price submissions and advise the customer in making a well-considered decision. For smaller projects I follow up on site myself. For large projects we have site supervisors.

“In the past year and a half I’ve already contributed to projects in hospitals, a school, a museum and at the Major Seminary site in Bruges. I’m currently also working on a project in French-speaking Belgium with a colleague from our sister company Hoptimize. Lots of variety and challenging projects, that's what I need. Working on the same project all day or doing repetitive work is not my cup of tea.” (laughs) “It’s also nice to go on site to see the initial situation. That way you sometimes find yourself in places you wouldn't otherwise get to.”

“One of Ingenium's values is 'we respect', which the company puts into practice every day. There’s no hierarchy. You can talk to everyone and colleagues really listen to you. This ensures a good working atmosphere and great collegiality. Moreover, you can really turn to your colleagues if you have any questions. They always take the time to explain things and help where needed. And if they don't know it themselves, they refer you on to the right person. You notice that this is really part of the culture here. You never get the feeling of 'figure it out yourself'.”

“Each new employee is assigned a godparent and a coach. You can go to the former with practical questions about the operation of the company, and you will often have these in the beginning. In my previous job I had no godparent, but with Dries I didn't have to worry about finding my way round here quickly. Coach Luc is there for all my technical questions about specific projects. I already have lots of work experience, but because I approach things from a different angle in this job, it's reassuring to have someone I can turn to if I'm stuck somewhere or just don't know something.”

“Ingenium is an employer that really listens to what you want and need. In the beginning I indicated that they could give more work,” (laughs) “but a while ago I had too much. A solution was found very quickly. The project planners moved things that could be postponed for a while, to free up some breathing space and everything became feasible again.”

“I’ve already learned more here than in those 12 years at that installation company, where I worked in a small team. At Ingenium there are many colleagues, each with his or her own specialization. As a result, we have an enormous fund of knowledge in-house.”

Stijn Van Den Hende - Project Officer

“I’ve been working at Ingenium for 29 years now. When I started we were three people in administration: a receptionist, someone for the financial administration and I then joined for the word processing, spelling and layout of all documents. Now there are 11 of us, under the heading of 'Team Pillar'. This name groups together all support services: reception, accounting, sales, communication, building management, legal affairs and project administration. The main evolution in those 29 years is that it has become a different job in terms of working method. Today we work much more efficiently than back then.”

“My two main tasks are project administration and checking quotations. We take part in a lot of government contracts. For these we develop administrative specifications using a highly efficient software package. From these specifications we also obtain bills of quantities: our estimate of the cost price of the installation. Once the files have been published and contractors submit their quotes, I check that they are mathematically correct and that all necessary documents are in the file. In addition, I have a whole range of additional tasks. For example, I manage part of the invoicing in our projects, I do the final 'editorial check' of all kinds of texts, I give new employees basic training in our administrative operation, I take care of the e-mail filing and regularly assist in reception and with the telephone. In addition, I’m the 'helpdesk' for colleagues who want to call on my in-depth knowledge of Word. I make sure our website remains up-to-date and I also look after the administration for the 'quotations': that is the offers that Ingenium submits in order to bring in new projects. This versatility makes it a very exciting job that continues to evolve. What I know and can do today, I’ve learned mainly on the job.”

“What I like about my job is that I master certain tasks well and do them very efficiently because I've been at them for so long. But I’m also open to new tasks and challenges, because then you stay 'fresh'. What gives me even more satisfaction is teamwork: interacting with colleagues and completing an assignment together.”

“I’m not a leader and I feel good in my position. I'm a silent worker behind the scenes, and I like that. Social contact with colleagues is very important to me. I live alone, it’s a pleasure to come to the office. Colleagues appreciate my listening ear and the fact that I can often help out. Some have even become real friends, with whom I sometimes catch a movie or concert in my free time.”

“For me, Ingenium stands for 'positive vibes'. It gives me energy to be able to participate in projects that also prove useful in society. I started to look at buildings in a completely different way. Once upon a time I used to see them more as a kind of necessary evil, but when you know how a building is designed and what it involves, your view changes. We have very nice projects, including government buildings, hospitals and schools, but being a big culture lover myself, our concert hall and museum projects are the ones I’m most enthusiastic at. The integration of TTAS Theaterbouw into the Ingenium Group can only strengthen this.”

“The family feeling is really not an empty concept here. Ingenium is a company with a heart that also knows who you are as a person and takes that into account. Not only do they regularly ask if you are feeling well here at work, but also how things are going at home. When my mother was struggling with health issues and I needed to be able to support her, I got a lot of understanding. Nicolas' father often used to say to the employees: ‘You're family’. And although Ingenium is much bigger today than it was then, it still is.”

Danny De Metsenaere - BIM Modeller

Jonathan Stevens - Project Engineer

“I started here in October 2017. I got to know Ingenium at a job fair. I saw the many beautiful projects on the website. Moreover, an old classmate who already worked here told me only positive things. What particularly appealed to me, however, was the sustainable focus. I’m very interested in green energy myself and try to integrate sustainability in my daily life. Like I don’t run a car and am fortunate to be able to live within cycling distance of work, family and friends. It is very motivating that the colleagues have this sustainable mentality, which is really part of the internal working of Ingenium.”

“I started as an electricity project engineer, matching my training as an industrial engineer in electrical engineering. In the meantime, my job is gradually evolving into that of project manager: following up a project internally and being the point of contact for the architect and the client. I myself had indicated both that I wanted to take more responsibility and that I enjoyed the social aspect – the contact with the customer.

I find this role very interesting, because I’m keen to build up a broad knowledge base. Now, in addition to electricity, I am also learning about ventilation, heating, plumbing, EPB, etc. Fortunately, I can count on the help of a team of fellow specialists for every project, for which I’m hugely grateful. It’s exciting to learn from them and to look for the best solution with them and with the architect. I really like the way I’m developing.”

“For me it's special that everyone finds their own way to do things. You’re not in a fixed box defined by your job title, every hour of the day. You can be given additional tasks and responsibilities based on your interests. You may be interested in battery storage systems. Then, in consultation with HR, it’s possible to take training courses and become a specialist. I also had the opportunity to monitor the implementation of a construction site for which I had designed the electricity part. It’s very interesting to collect direct feedback from practice on the theoretical design.”

“At Ingenium we don't just work on 'a' building. These are really cool projects. When I speak to friends or family about cable ducts or transformers, it means little to them.” (laughs) “But if I can tell them I‘m working on projects at the Brussels Conservatory or the Ghent Fire Station, it certainly speaks to their imagination.”

“For me it’s interesting and practical that you can do your job at Ingenium very flexibly within a certain framework. You choose when you start in the morning and when you take your lunch break, and even which of the 4 offices you want to go to that day. Want to go straight home after a meeting or a site visit to continue working there? That too is possible. It’s great that there’s such a focus on alternative mobility. The choice is large: bicycles, train tickets, bus passes, electric scooters, Cambio, the Ghent BattMobiel, etc. Everything for a smooth connection with as few traffic jams as possible!”

Joke Decubber - Project Engineer

“I’ve been working at Ingenium since 2015. I started as a project engineer for wet technologies, where I’m still today. I design the heating, cooling and ventilation of a building, from putting together a sustainable concept that matches the client's budget through to calculating the smallest details of the installation. I also coordinate with the client and the architect. In the meantime, I’ve also become a project manager, acting externally as the sounding board for the client, architect and structural engineer, and internally for colleagues participating in the project.”

“As a newcomer, it’s valuable to have a godfather or godmother, someone to whom you can put all your questions and who also spontaneously asks if everything is clear. I learned a lot from the coach who supported me substantively and at project level. It’s still the person I go to when I have questions. That way you quickly become familiar with things at Ingenium.”

“As an employer, Ingenium really looks at where you want to grow in your job, and which training courses, coaching and sounding boards can help you with that. There’s lots of support for trying things out, and you’re allowed to fail, as long as you learn something from it.”

“I work from the office in Leuven and am fortunate that Ingenium has many special project customers here. Participating in the renovation of Leuven's historic city hall and the restoration of Park Abbey is really cool. As is designing technologies for the KULeuven laboratories or a hospital outpatient clinic, or being involved in renovations at the Gasthuisberg University Hospital.”

“The atmosphere here is excellent. This is my first job, but I’ve often heard from colleagues who have already worked elsewhere or who move from here to another job that Ingenium has a very good atmosphere. Colleagues here are not under constant stress, which is important when you spend so many hours in the office and work closely together.”

“What do I like about my job? Various things. Like when a difficult calculation job suddenly turns out right, or you find something to solve a problem and make the architect happy. And of course it’s great to see the end result of a project.”

“My working day looks different every time. Sometimes I’m in meetings the whole day. On other days there are no meetings but colleagues call me with questions, and at times I spend a whole day focused on one calculation. I really like that variation, together with the wide variety of projects.”

“I was looking for a consultancy that focuses on sustainability, and I found it here. But Ingenium also strives for long-term relationships with its customers and a sustainable future as a company. That makes a big difference for an employee as compared with companies focused only on hard sales and quick profit.”

Mark Verbeek - Site Supervisor

“There’s a good vibe at Ingenium, which has a lot to do with the enormous enthusiasm of CEO Nicolas Vyncke. Even though we’re getting bigger, you always sense that family atmosphere. You never feel like a number here. You’re a colleague with a first name. And like that you quickly feel at ease here.”

“Being a site supervisor requires you to be knowledgeable about many different aspects. It’s therefore logical that from time to time you’ll hit a problem that you’re unable to solve yourself. But the project engineers, with their greater in-depth knowledge, are always ready to help, no matter how busy their schedules are at the time. That collegiality is great and very important.”

Virginie Vanhercke - BIM MODELLER

The nice thing about my job as a BIM modeller is to make sure that the 3D puzzle is right, that a nice, coordinated plan is delivered. If the project manager and the customer are satisfied, that's the icing on the cake. It is always nice to get positive feedback. In the annual development meetings you obviously get both positive and negative feedback, but it's the positive points that are emphasized most of all. It motivates you to hear that you are doing well. They always want you to get the best out of yourself. 

Why would I recommend a job at Ingenium? For the positive atmosphere, the collegiality and the opportunities you get here to develop yourself. And of course also for the great projects, which you see grow from design to completion.


Marc: “TTAS stands for Theatre Technologies Advice and Study. That last word is very important, because we do more than just give advice. We stay on board until delivery, until everything is ready for the first performance.

Pieter: “The addition of 'Theaterbouw' to TTAS is no coincidence. My specialization is sightlines. In 9 out of 10 assignments we design the footprint of the hall for the architect. We deal with everything from the size of the boxes to the number of toilets.” (laughs) “It’s the contact between the audience and the performance – literally the distance between the front row and the front of the stage – that makes all the difference between a good theatre and a bad one. Everything is based on one simple principle: even the voices of lesser gods should reach the back of the hall. But the smooth technical handling of the performance and getting all technical material in and out quickly is also very important. That’s why in every project we also involve the room technicians who will have to make it work in practice.

Dropping a solution from above, without dialogue, certainly does not lead to the best solution. For the architect (m/f) of the project, we ensure that he can make the best design based on our data, without having to know himself what’s inside a stage tower. He can rest assured that it’ll be all right and that everything will work as intended.”

Pieter: “Ingenium’s takeover of TTAS Theaterbouw a few years ago was a logical step. Then in our early sixties, it was important for us that the knowledge we had built up in that quarter century not be lost when we bowed out."

Gerrit Walckiers: “I’ve been working at Ingenium since 2016 as a project engineer with a specialization in electricity. But the world of music and theatre has long had an important place in my life. As a voluntary stage technician with the small Ghent company Barraca, I got to know all facets of theatre technology. And I was also a sound engineer at lots of concerts and parties. I’m therefore very happy that I can further develop this interest at Ingenium along with my colleague Pjotr. The cross-pollination of TTAS’s expertise and that of Ingenium is exceptionally fascinating for me. Marc and Pieter are absolute experts in their field when it comes to theatre construction, while we are forerunners in technologies like HVAC. In this way, in years to come, we will most certainly be able to raise our services to the cultural sector to an even higher level.”

Jan Desmet - COO

“I’m living proof that you can grow in this company. Every day is full of opportunities. Everyone can make the choices that allow them to be happy. It’s hard work. Sometimes you have setbacks. You have to get over them. And It’s important to celebrate the successes. I myself am glad when I see people grow and blossom out. I work every day to make things as pleasant as possible for everyone at Ingenium, so that people can do what they love to do and also make their own dreams come true.”

“For me the godparents and project coaches that are assigned to new recruits are super important. When I started here, in a warm nest of 20 colleagues, I quickly found my place. For an employee starting at Ingenium today in a large house with more than 90 residents, it’s a completely different story. It’s not always easy to knock on the right door. It’s therefore crucial to have the support of people who can guide you through the organization.”


Ammar Salah - Project Engineer

"In 2011 I came to Belgium. I completed my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in Iraq with a master's specialisation in renewable energy. Ingenium promised me a job as soon as I graduated. And so it happened: on 30 June I passed my exams and on 4 July I started here. I wanted to work here because it is a company that looks towards the future. Working on sustainability and renewable energy... that keeps evolving, both in theory and in practice. 

Every company has its own methods and work instructions. So in the beginning, it's important to find your way. I could always rely on my coach. Even though I asked a lot of questions, he was always friendly and gave me the answers to my questions. When I started here 3 years ago, about 80 people worked here. Now there are about 100, but it remains like a small family. We're strongly connected."

Griet De Mangeleer - PROJECT ENGINEER

"At Ingenium, my main job is project engineer. I work out concepts from A to Z, but as a senior engineer I also assist colleagues with less experience and supervise junior engineers. I don't do the rather repetitive study work anymore. In addition, I am also a technical sanitation expert. I write work instructions, introduce novelties, organise training courses and make sure our model documents remain up to date. In the 13 years that I've been working here, I've been able to try out all kinds of jobs and tasks. Also project management, but that didn't suit me as well. That's how I stayed within project engineering and developed myself further. It gives me peace of mind that you can plot your own path and try things out.

Nicolas, our CEO, is really working on his strategy for Ingenium. It does give us confidence that we will be well positioned here in the longer term. Moreover, we continue to grow, and that is also important. After all, an engineer is ambitious. But despite that growth, we are not a number one here as an employee. Everyone is really taken into account. That family atmosphere creates a good atmosphere".