In a hospital, the patient is central. The permanent challenge is to combine the best care with optimal comfort of stay. Building technology must, therefore, not only be reliable, safe and flexible. As a major consumer of energy, a permanent focus on the Total Cost of Ownership is also crucial.

Thanks to our many years of experience with the most challenging construction, renovation and redevelopment projects of hospitals, we know that only the inclusive approach works. The trick is to combine the interests and wishes of the numerous user groups, and to translate these into a high-performance, hygienic, safe and pleasant working and living environment in consultation with the architect and client. In addition, hospitals place special demands on energy technologies, both in terms of short and long-term reliability and in terms of efficiency. Only sustainable and innovative solutions can keep a hospital up-to-date and future-proof.

Ingenium is the ideal knowledge partner during the entire life cycle of your hospital (network), from the first brainstorm of ideas, the concrete design with follow-up of the execution, right through to support during commissioning and maintenance in the operational phase. Our specialised knowledge and expertise relieve you of the management of your complex installations.