Laboratory building, Sacred heart hospital Rouselare-Menen

The Roeselare-Menen Sacred Heart Hospital has been using a new lab building since the end of September 2007.

This former industrial building, with a total of some 1.400 m2 of floor area comprises the sections, chemistry lab (containment class L1), haematology lab (containment class L1), microbiology lab (containment class L2) with BK room (Koch bacillus) (containment class L2 ) and molecular diagnostics lab centre (containment class L2). Ingenium was charged with the design of the technical equipment and lab equipment and monitored their execution.

Air conditioning is realized by a central air handier augmented by an electrical steam humidifier. Cooling and heating are realized by individual ceiling units (four-pipe system). Besides the provisions for lighting and power distribution, the electrical equipment also comprises an emergency generator. The sanitary facilities comprise distribution of hot and cold city water, rainwater and RO water.

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