Strategy & masterplan

For large (and often complex) campuses with various buildings and for industrial bulk consumers, an energy master plan represents added value without a doubt. This involves developing a long-term vision that maps out the phased investments in energy supplies in the short and long term.

Depending on the situation, various sub-studies can be carried out. The Flemish Enterprise Agency provides financial support for this strategic energy advice via the SME portfolio. On the one hand, the studies look at the existing installations and the possibilities for optimising them. On the other hand, they also take into account possible future scenarios that require extensions or adjustments.

Ingenium develops these studies on the basis of the principles of the Quadras Energetica. First, the energy requirement is reduced by eliminating unnecessary processes and avoiding energy losses. After that, the energy efficiency in the use of fossil sources is increased and optimised. The integration of renewable energy sources is the third principle. The fourth pillar is the reuse of residual heat released during business processes.

The results of the sub-studies are combined in the energy master plan. The advice is linked to a phased implementation process. This allows investments to be budgeted in time and the implementation to be spread over time.