NEN2767 audit & condition check

Since the beginning of 2018, two Ingenium engineers have been certified as 'building inspectors' by the Belgian Construction Certification Association (BCCA). This proves their expertise within the framework of the Dutch standard NEN 2767. This building inspection methodology is complementary to our expertise in the field of commissioning.

NEN 2767 is becoming increasingly popular in Belgium. The condition of a building is mapped in an objective, detailed and uniform manner by means of a thorough visual inspection. The result - the condition score - is situated on a scale ranging from 'excellent' - where only minor defects are identified - to 'very poor’, when the building is technically ready for demolition. With a clear baseline measurement as a starting point, the evolution of the building condition can be monitored further. The information obtained is crucial for drawing up maintenance budgets over several years, decisions on buying and selling or renting and letting buildings.

Operation tests are not included in the inspection. For Ingenium, NEN 2767 is part of a broader context of total commissioning. We also examine the documents that refer to the technical installations, check whether the technology still delivers the desired output - among other things by mapping complaints from the users - and carry out simple operational checks.

The certified Ingenium building inspectors are called in, among others, by the Flemish government's Facility Management Company. The advantage of this is that with the NEN 2767 inspections, we can also immediately check the maintenance work delivered. Ingenium's scale and years of experience also enable us to estimate future maintenance and investment needs very accurately and realistically. It not only avoids unexpected and unpleasant surprises, this also makes strategic choices a lot easier.