What drives us?

Experts in sustainable buildings

As an engineering firm, we advise, design and optimise the construction qualities, energy supplies and technical installations of ambitious construction and renovation projects in the most diverse sectors. Thanks to a broad and complementary range of services, Ingenium is the ideal partner in every phase of the life cycle of a building. The result? Buildings that are energy-efficient, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable, with CO2-neutral and energy-positive buildings as the ultimate goal, now and in future.


More than 50 years of experience, with projects in hospitals, laboratories, data centres, cultural centres, retail and industrial projects, schools and sustainable residential and office sites have provided us with an enormous amount of expertise. Moreover, thanks to consultancy, engineering and commissioning, we are also the ideal knowledge partner in every phase of the life cycle of a building. We bring projects to a successful conclusion in consultation with the customer. This way, we guarantee that the technology perfectly meets the expectations of the users of a building or site.


We seek out ambitious projects. With our ingrained drive for innovation and sustainability, we can achieve added value there, complementary to the other construction partners. Yet for us, technology is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Climate control, hot and cold water, ventilation, light and data communication bring life into a building. But the ultimate goal remains simply a place where it is pleasant, comfortable and user-friendly to live or work for the resident or user.