27 May 2020

First Q companies combined turnover reached 300 M€ in 2019

First Q Network celebrated its spring general meeting last 15th May by video-conference, due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. The group combined workforce is 2.800 people. We predict both turnover and workforce will remain the same in 2020.

First Q companies combined turnover reached 300 M€ in 2019

Some companies’ successes were shared among the members: Ethos Engineering was named Irish Engineering Firm of the Year for the third consecutive year in a row, and Waldhauser Hermann came 2nd (and ZWP came 3rd!) in the project-winning ranking for German speaking countries. Portuguese member LMGE reported on a 50/50 agreement with developer Sonae Sierra, to push activities both nationally and internationally.

Most of the companies expect some activity setback due to the health crisis, particularly shopping centre and hotel projects, but also see some sector opportunities: more investment will be available for healthcare and pharma, logistics, data centres, and covid-safe re-designs.

All First Q members have successfully implemented remote-working strategies and remain fully operational. The meeting ended with a presentation from Garry Connolly (president of Host in Ireland) on Future Trends in Data Centres.