Graaf de Ferrarisgebouw: condition determination

Ingenium executed a status survey of the technical installations and the conducted maintenance of the Ferraris building in Brussels.

Ingenium executed an audit of the Ferraris building in line with NEN 2767, which includes an assessment of the conducted maintenance and the general state of the technical installations in the building.

The tasks of Ingenium include:

  • Auditing the technical installations in line with NEN 2767.
  • Analysis of the maintenance contract and comparing the reporting of the maintenance firm with the maintenance contract.
  • Determining the score of the installations based on the identified weaknesses, the extent and the intensity of these in line with NEN 2767-1.
  • Determining the total score and the aggregated score of the buildings components and disciplines in line with NEN 2767-1.
  • Development of a long-range maintenance plan based on the conclusions of the audit in line with NEN 2767-1.
  • Control of the total guarantee fund (state and evaluation of its use, relationship with failures, focus on energy and sustainability).