Bayer - New office building Diegem

In Diegem, the former Schering building was demolished and replaced by a prestigious new building for Bayer. Ingenium designed all technical systems with a strong focus on application of energy efficient techniques.

With a strong focus towards application of energy efficient techniques, Ingenium designed all technical systems for this new office building. This has led to an innovative concept with application of concrete core activation for the air conditioning system. The necessary heat and cold is produced with Borehole Energy Storage in combination with a heat pump. Photovoltaic cells, earth-air heat exchangers, etc. were also integrated in the technical concept,

By use of this total concept, the primary energy consumption for cooling and heating will be reduced for approximately 50 %, which results to an anual decrease of 86 ton CO2
The building won the Belgian Energy Price for non-residential buildings in 2009 (Organised by the Royal Federation of Belgian Architects).