BIM management

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is an essential part of today's construction industry. The management of digital models - which contain more and more data - is becoming increasingly important. With BIM Management, Ingenium plays a pioneering role in this. After all, the 'digital twin' is becoming a crucial instrument, not only in the design phase and the execution on site. Since the special technology has a major impact on the cost of use and maintenance, this will also become the central information centre for the operation of a building.

BIM management should not be confused with ‘BIMming’ or 'working in BIM'. It is already common in complex projects that the various construction partners in BIM work/collaborate around a digital model that contains all relevant data. In a BIM protocol, the client and all other parties involved record the agreements to ensure that the BIM process runs smoothly and according to the client's wishes. The BIM manager does not intervene in the digital model himself, but ensures as process supervisor that the protocol is observed and that the data are always kept available and accessible. This allows all other construction partners to fully focus on their own core tasks.

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The BIM manager is a key figure when architect, stability engineer and special technology engineer work together in one phase (either design or execution). However, when information is transferred to other construction partners - such as contractor responsible for the execution or installers - it is important to avoid loss of information or duplication of work. After execution, the 'digital delivery' takes place. The BIM model is then accepted as a digital copy of the physical building. In this digital twin, the link is made with all the sensors in the building that enable efficient monitoring in the operational phase.


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