Fire safety engineering

The many open spaces in modern architecture are often at odds with the strict fire safety standards imposed by the government. However, special technology can also ensure a fire safety level in these situations. Ingenium combines knowledge of complex legislation, fire detection and extinguishing systems and the translation of technology into human behaviour in emergency situations.

The fire safety standards have become much stricter and more extensive over the years. This increased complexity often causes builders headaches. Ingenium supports them throughout the entire process.

Architecture plays an important role in the fire safety of a building. Both the division of the building into compartments and the choice of fire-safe materials can make a life-saving difference in emergency situations. Buildings with less compartmentalisation and more open spaces must apply for an exemption from the standards, which also differs in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Ingenium helps to draw up a correct file, in cooperation with our partner FESG.

Once the exemption has been approved, we support the client in the design phase with the design of the sprinkling and smoke and heat extraction (RWA) installations. We not only have an eye for the interaction between the technology - such as the automatic shut-off of the gas supply in case of fire detection - but also for the concrete evacuation in case of an emergency. Based on our BIM model, we can easily measure whether the design - such as the installation of emergency staircases - complies with fire safety. We support the prevention advisor in drawing up an evacuation plan and advise which walking lines make a smooth evacuation possible. Moreover, based on our many years of experience with a wide variety of projects, we can correctly assess how the evacuation of, for example, a residential care home differs from that in a prison or an office tower.