Maintenance & energy performance contracting

When a building is in use, the technical installations must be maintained. Not only to keep working, but also to stay well-tuned and energy efficient. For those who manage complex installations and/or have extensive assets in their portfolio, the planning, execution and follow-up of this maintenance is not always easy. Ingenium provides a tailor-made approach which allows for both its own maintenance team and maximum outsourcing.

First and foremost, we advise on the optimal formula. Does the client want a vertical maintenance contract - all installations across all buildings - or a horizontal contract whereby a certain installation - for example the lifts - is maintained in all buildings? Based on the NEN2767 audit*, the condition of the installation can be mapped. This makes it possible to draw up and monitor a realistic long-term maintenance budget.

Then, together with the customer, it is determined for which assignments own staff can be deployed and what needs to be outsourced. In case of outsourcing, various formulas are possible, such as performance contracts, resource commitments and working under management. Ingenium also assists the client in drawing up competitions. It is important to determine the award criteria tailored to the expectations and needs of the client. We also provide service level agreements (SLA) with key performance indicators (KPI) so that the installations continue to meet expectations throughout their entire life cycle. We then examine the tenders submitted and advise the client on the allocation. If the customer so wishes, we supervise the start-up and follow-up of the actual maintenance.

A maintenance tune-up is also possible. In doing so, we screen the maintenance that is already taking place. Is this maintenance sufficient for these specific installations and is it done in the right way? For example, existing maintenance contracts can be improved by upgrading certain aspects.