Building services engineering

The design of concepts in concrete plans and calculating to the nearest decimal point in bills of quantity and budgets is the work of our building services engineers. They also closely monitor the execution of the construction project on site and work closely with the other construction partners.

‘Daring to innovate' is what drives them every day when they make a project concrete. They continuously keep their finger on the pulse of innovations and new applications and have expertise in the most diverse building techniques. From electricity - high current and low current - to hvac, ICT, sanitary facilities and fire-fighting, to lifts, medical equipment and gases and building management systems.

They focus on reducing the energy demand, the maximum use of renewable energy sources and where possible also the recovery of residual heat from production processes. Sustainability and energy efficiency are, of course, always linked to optimal ease of use and comfort. What’s more, the functionality of a building or site and the maximum integration of technology in the architecture are always taken into account.