Our extraordinary fellow workers

By being permanently curious and open to change, we are a team that is out of the ordinary.

Ammar Salah - Project Engineer

"In 2011 I came to Belgium. I completed my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in Iraq with a master's specialisation in renewable energy. Ingenium promised me a job as soon as I graduated. And so it happened: on 30 June I passed my exams and on 4 July I started here. I wanted to work here because it is a company that looks towards the future. Working on sustainability and renewable energy... that keeps evolving, both in theory and in practice. 

Every company has its own methods and work instructions. So in the beginning, it's important to find your way. I could always rely on my coach. Even though I asked a lot of questions, he was always friendly and gave me the answers to my questions. When I started here 3 years ago, about 80 people worked here. Now there are about 100, but it remains like a small family. We're strongly connected."

Delphine Deckmyn - Marketing, sales & HR

"They take your opinion into account. You shouldn't just do what's asked for. How we divide our tasks within the team is really decided by the team. Being a self-managing team is not always obvious, but it is fun and also ensures more involvement in the company.

Students who will graduate soon? If you want to continue to develop, you'll really get opportunities here. And it's not just about technical training. Soft skills are also discussed."

Virginie Vanhercke - BIM MODELLER

The nice thing about my job as a BIM modeller is to make sure that the 3D puzzle is right, that a nice, coordinated plan is delivered. If the project manager and the customer are satisfied, that's the icing on the cake. It is always nice to get positive feedback. In the annual development meetings you obviously get both positive and negative feedback, but it's the positive points that are emphasized most of all. It motivates you to hear that you are doing well. They always want you to get the best out of yourself. 

Why would I recommend a job at Ingenium? For the positive atmosphere, the collegiality and the opportunities you get here to develop yourself. And of course also for the great projects, which you see grow from design to completion.

Griet De Mangeleer - PROJECT ENGINEER

"At Ingenium, my main job is project engineer. I work out concepts from A to Z, but as a senior engineer I also assist colleagues with less experience and supervise junior engineers. I don't do the rather repetitive study work anymore. In addition, I am also a technical sanitation expert. I write work instructions, introduce novelties, organise training courses and make sure our model documents remain up to date. In the 13 years that I've been working here, I've been able to try out all kinds of jobs and tasks. Also project management, but that didn't suit me as well. That's how I stayed within project engineering and developed myself further. It gives me peace of mind that you can plot your own path and try things out.

Nicolas, our CEO, is really working on his strategy for Ingenium. It does give us confidence that we will be well positioned here in the longer term. Moreover, we continue to grow, and that is also important. After all, an engineer is ambitious. But despite that growth, we are not a number one here as an employee. Everyone is really taken into account. That family atmosphere creates a good atmosphere".