Our extraordinary fellow workers

By being permanently curious and open to change, we are a team that is out of the ordinary.

Floor Anseeuw - expert sustainable buildings

"I started at Ingenium 8 years ago as an expert in sustainable buildings and specialised in simulations. Now I’m a technical expert in sustainable buildings and responsible for the knowledge in this area. I keep my finger on the pulse in our sector and determine which training is necessary to keep up-to-date at all times. If you’re eager to learn and like to learn all the time, then Ingenium is right up your street. If you want to try something out, then there’s also room for that. This gives me the opportunity to teach and supervise Master students. The nice colleagues are certainly a bonus. They have specifically chosen to work for Ingenium and are passionate about their work. I love that drive!"

Tim Opsomer - Design Engineer

"In seven years I grew from junior to senior project engineer and I’m involved in the entire design process. Also, I increasingly follow up the work at the building sites. It’s fascinating to supervise a project from start to finish. For the younger engineers within Ingenium, I am also the point of contact for everything that’s to do with low-voltage current. In order to be able to give them feedback in a constructive way, I followed a training course on coaching leadership. It’s great that Ingenium also pays attention to the soft skills. I haven't regretted my job here for a moment, because the work is challenging but also because it’s a 'warm' company where we’re more than just colleagues. The party committee - in which I actively participate - organises seven large events per year and each time, at least half of all employees from our 4 sister companies turn up. So the atmosphere is excellent at Ingenium!"

Brecht Pauwels - BIM Modeller

"I started at Ingenium in a holiday job and have been working here for 17 years. My job has continued to evolve, from drawing in a pure 2D environment with Autocad when I started, right through to BIMming together with a whole team. Today, I’m no longer just a draughtsman, but also need to have an understanding of the work of the other construction partners. Starting a very large project and having to use all my knowledge to structure it properly can give me a lot of satisfaction. So it’s never humdrum. Moreover, here you can say how you want to evolve further in your job: zoom in on one area or zoom out and, for example, become a project manager. If you’re interested in technology and very varied projects, and you want a job in a pleasant environment with great colleagues, then Ingenium is the place to be. This place is really second to none!"