Our customers have their say

Els Werbrouck and Els Welvaert - UGent

"For the building envelope of the Ledeganck complex, our original plan was to retain the exterior facade and build a new wall on the inside. Ingenium was able to convince us of the opposite, and we’re so happy about that now. It will result in considerable energy savings, and the asbestos has now also been removed from the 60-year-old façade.

"We are a client who like to take control, examine everything in detail and do not just accept what is being proposed. Ingenium, therefore, had little room for manoeuvre, but it did indicate proactively when our standards were not up to scratch or when changed legislation had an impact on our plans".

Ingenium always helps find solutions, both in terms of alternatives to increase living and working comfort, and with budget-friendly proposals. We also found that when they underestimated certain things, they did not deny it but communicated openly about it and adjusted it where necessary. Moreover, there is a lot of interaction within the Ingenium team itself, so that all project phases are in harmony with each other.”