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14 June 2018



Ingenium promotes the sustainability revolution and continues to adopt a pioneering role in the construction industry.  Buildings should become not only more energy-efficient, but also healthier. They preferably consist of circular materials and, if possible, impact favourably on the immediate environment.

 In order to keep seeing the ‘sustainability wood’ for the trees, 'sustainability labels' are used, which 'measure' sustainability by comparing different facets. This way, it becomes possible to create one global sustainability score.

 In Europe, BREEAM is the most widely used sustainability label. Ingenium has several certified BREEAM assessors and has supervised several projects in the past. In addition to the assessors, who must remain impartial and therefore have no influence on the design, Ingenium also employs accredited professionals. These professionals shoulder the burden on behalf of the client and manage the design process.

 However, a sustainable building is not necessarily a healthy building. We spend up to 90% of our time in buildings, most of which make up our working environment. We eat, drink, breathe, read and listen at our workplace. Can employees expect their employers to provide healthy and stimulating working environments? And how can those employers achieve and communicate this?

 The WELL quality mark, new kid on the block among sustainability meters, offers an answer to all these questions. Whereas labels such as BREEAM focus on buildings, WELL focuses on the health of building users. This is expressed, among other things, in the assessment of the quality of water, air, light, food and, yes, also in management.

 There are seven categories on which a WELL building is assessed: Air, Water, Light, Nutrition, Fitness, Wellbeing and Comfort. The benefits of buildings where employees feel comfortable are enormous. Employees experience less stress, they are mentally and physically healthier, sick leave decreases and productivity increases. In this way, the increased initial construction cost quickly pays for itself.

 Ingenium has recently recruited the first (!) female Belgian WELL AP and is convinced of the added value that WELL will offer to the construction sector of the future.

 For more information, please contact us info@ingenium.be!