Town hall Menen - renovation

The Menen Town Hall underwent a thorough renovation with due respect for the original structure of its historic premises.

The Menen Town Hall Project concerns an in-depth architectural renovation in which particular attention is paid to the repair of the original structure of the historic parts. The protected building, with its historically valuable character, houses the managerial and administrative services of the Municipality of Menen. A striking new transparent structure that includes a panoramic lift will facilitate vertical and horizontal traffic. 
Ingenium was charged with the design and monitoring of the complete renovation of the technical systems (heating, cooling, low voltage and high voltage circuitry, sanitary facilities, passenger lift, small goods lift). When integrating the techniques, close attention had to be paid to the specific relationship with the city’s historic background. The eye-catcher of the town hall is the new council chamber that, besides a complete air handling system, is fitted with an elaborate conference system that even allows electronic voting.