AZ Sint Lucas Ghent - New building Block W

The new building Block W is part of the master plan of AZ Sint Lucas that has been in progress since 1998. The master plan came about as a result of the merger of two adjacent hospitals in the centre of Ghent (AZ Sint-Vincentius and AZ H. Familie). Since 2004, the master plan was adapted and the merger of  de Volkskliniek was also integrated on the campus.

Ingenium has been involved in the master plan for more than 20 years and has carried out various feasibility studies in which it searched for an optimal energy concept for heating, cooling and the electrical energy supply of the hospital.

The hospital functions are completely removed from the Volkskliniek campus in 2020, which made place for a new residential care centre. The last major phase in the master plan is completed.

This phase included the construction of a new wing "Block W". This new building on the corner of the Sint-Margrietstraat and Groenebriel offers:

  • Day hospitals internal, oncology and surgery
  • Geriatrics with day hospital and consultations
  • Pain clinic, infusion therapy, opthalmology and hand centre
  • SP chronic
  • Palliative care
  • Surgical day hospital and operating theatre

The first services already moved into the new wing in June 2019.

Ingenium was responsible for the feasibility study, the design of the technical installations (including the medical gases), EPB and the site monitoring of the techniques in block W. The wing was designed in such a way that all rooms can be used flexibly. This means that only a minimum of work is needed to redefine the rooms. This was made possible by the intelligent installation of technical rooms and tubes.

Due to the size of the master plan, the limitation of government funds in the sector and the phased relocation, planning and budget control are also crucial in this project. Transparent communication between the various parties is the key to success here. Ingenium closely monitors the budget and ensures a close follow-up of the planning, whereby sufficient space is always provided for checking and testing the installed installations. This is important to guarantee reliability and comfort for the patient and user.